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    Sarah Ahmed

    Welcome to the Infrastructure LA Forum! Please review our rules to ensure a positive experience for all participants.

    1. Be Respectful – Please be respectful of all members at all times.
    2. No Spam or Advertising – Any posts considered spam will be removed.
    3. No Copyrighted or Offensive Materials – Any posts considered offensive will be removed.
    4. Search First – Before posting a new topic, use the search function to see if the topic already exists.
    5. No Cross-Posting – Post your topic in the most relevant forum and avoid posting the same topic in multiple forums. This will ensure that everyone is participating in the same conversation.
    6. Use Descriptive Titles – When posting a new topic make the title distinctive and descriptive. For example, instead of using the title “need help” try something like “City Name needs PPE for Disaster Recovery”.
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